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    Dr Amit Gandhi
    Dr. Amit Gandhi
    MS General Surgery from KEM Hospital.
    After which he did Comprehensive Cancer training at
    Tata memorial Hospital for 5 yrs.
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    HIPEC Machine
    Unlike systemic chemotherapy delivery, which circulates throughout the body,
    HIPEC delivers chemotherapy directly to cancer cells in the abdomen

About Dr. Amit Gandhi

Dr. Amit Gandhi has Successfully accomplished 2000 surgeries in last 6 yrs which includes some of the most complicated and rarest surgeries being performed with great precision.

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Opening Hours

To fight against the dreaded disease right from Screening,
Diagnosis and Treatment (either curative or palliative).

  • Parel Clinic: Monday - Saturday
    7.00 PM - 9.00 PM
  • Mulund Clinic: Monday - Saturday
    12.00 PM - 2.00 PM
  • Sunday

Cancer Care

A cancer patient who gets in touch with Dr. Gandhi
is sure to experience the positive of everything he is facing.

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Cancer has been a renowned name in the medical world for a while now and there had even been numerous patients who were suffering from one sort of cancer or the other. Right from the pancreatic cancer to prostate cancer, there have been thousands of patients in India suffering from one sort of cancer or the other but many keep suffering due to lack of good quality cancer hospital. This was the problem for a while now which has been taken a forward step towards treatment by Dr. Amit Gandhi, a renowned oncologist in Mumbai, who has been offering the unmatched quality cancer treatment in Mumbai. Cansure Centre is just the conclusion of his years of hard work and his dedication towards his goal of providing the best cancer treatment in India.

As the time passes, there can be observed an increase in number of cancer patients, no matter the type but the good thing is that the cancer hospital in India is no rare thing to find. Cansure Centre is the answer to all those who have been looking for cancer hospital in Mumbai. Cancer is one of the most sensitive phases a person can pass through and thus require some best quality cancer surgery and even the surgeon. Dr. Amit Gandhi has been in the medical practice for long and has been dedicated towards his goal of becoming the best oncologist in India, thus providing one-stop solution to all those in need of cancer specialist in Mumbai.

Cancer was never an easy thing to cope with and along with the treatment hope is the thing which must never be lost by the patient. Cansure Centre is the name or a ray of hope for all sorts of cancer patients and helps them fight cancer with all the enthusiasm. Depending on the stage of cancer the patient is at, Cansure Centre provides the chemotherapy treatment accordingly. When you get in touch with Cansure Centre with your complications, the surgeons starts treatment from the ground zero, only after observing the level of complexities. SO whether you need the cancer chemotherapy Mumbai or hipec treatment, it all will be decided only after studying the case and best oncology surgeon will be assigned.

Breast cancer has been one of the most affecting types of cancer in today’s times and thus need some enhanced and measured treatment for the same. Dr. Amit Gandhi has been studying about breast cancer as well and can even offer the breast cancer prevention methods. Being one of the best breast cancer treatment centers Cansure has some of the unmatched breast cancer diagnosis available in the medical world. Not just the right surgeon, the center even has the most advanced technological devices and ensures the treatment at its best. So no matter what sort of cancer you are suffering from, when you get in touch with Cansure Centre with your needs, you can expect nothing but the best of the treatments available. So just get in touch with us and you are sure to have the best cancer surgery you need.